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Other Driver Licence Fees



Learner Licence - Non Novice$31.76N/A
Licence Upgrade (Extension)$28.70N/A
Renewed in conjunction with extension (per year)$18.36 
Duplicate Licence$25.64$19.52
Out of State
Photo Kit)
RenewalIf you are interstate One year$31.76$21.05

If you are overseas
Postage and handling costs will apply

Two years
(You can also apply for a one year licence see cost above)


Postage and handlingStandard $8.00

Express $20.00
 If a member of the Armed ForcesCan be renewed for up to 5 years see Renewal Fees, if overseas postage and handling costs will apply 
DuplicateIf overseas additional postage and handling must be paid, see above $25.30$19.26
Photo Fee$10.34 
Processing Fee (additional charge for the re-issue
of a driver licence that has been cancelled)
Alcohol Interlock Program
Application Fee $53.55$35.19
Application to revoke "I" condition $53.55$35.19

Exemption Application

Application to identify and differentiates
multiple users






Licence Search (Licence details letter)$15.30 
Change of Name (new licence produced)$10.34 
Change of Address (label printed)Free of Charge 

* A Novice Driver is anyone who was never before held a full car licence anywhere in the world.

NOTE: Where a licence is not returned for a change of name or where a new licence is produced
for a change of address the Duplicate Licence Fee must be charged.


Licence Assessment Fee (Car or Bike)$39.78

L2 Licence Assessment Fee (Novice Driver)*

(If assessment being undertaken with an Authorised Driving Instructor additional fees may be charged eg tuition, hire of vehicle etc.)

$65.33 includes GST
P1 Licence Assessment Fee (Novice Driver)*$85.05
Licence Assessment (Instructor)$76.50
Licence Assessment Fee in any other case
(By Tasmanian Government Driving Assessor)
Ancillary Certificates
Ancillary Certificate to drive Public Passenger Vehicle$18.36
Duplicate Ancillary Certificate to drive Public Passenger Vehicle$15.30
Ancillary Certificate - Driving Instructors Licence$45.90
Ancillary Certificate - Duplicate Driving Instructors Licence$15.30


Tasmanian Road Rules$5.00
Novice Drivers Training Kit (L1 and L2 logbook, A guide to your
Driving Assessments and Supervisory Drivers Handbook)
Motorcycle Riders' Handbook$3.50
Heavy Vehicle Handbook$5.30
Tasmanian Older Drivers' Handbook$3.00
National Driver Work Diary$25.00