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Implementation of a New Motorcycle Licensing Training and Assessment Program in Tasmania

From mid 2017 a new Motorcycle Training and Assessment Program (Program) will be implemented for all new motorcycle riders in Tasmania.

The new Program will consist of a:

See flow chart below for further information.

The major motorcycle training changes include the introduction of a new on-road coaching and mentoring activity in day two of the new pre-learner motorcycle training course.

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The new Program will ensure that novice motorcycle riders of all ages gain an estimated three times the supervised riding experience than they gain under in the current scheme. The new training also includes new adult learning teaching principles.

The Tasmanian Government, in line with their Election Commitment to improving road safety for all Tasmanians, has explored all potential avenues to reduce the number of motorcycle fatalities and serious injuries in Tasmania. The new Program puts in place training stages that make sure novice motorcycle riders are a safe as possible when sharing our roads with other road users.

What happens if I get my motorcycle learners prior to the new Program?

The Tasmanian Government, with the funding from the Road Safety Levy, will provide some financial assistance to motorcycle riders obtaining their learner licence under the existing motorcycle training system.  Assistance will be provided for motorcycle riders to participate in further motorcycle training to make sure they have the skills needed to undertake the new check ride and pre-provisional test.

Prior to the new program commencing, a letter will be sent to all motorcycle riders training under the existing system. This letter will provide all the information riders need who are training under the current system to obtain a motorcycle provisional licence.

Advice to New and Existing Learner Riders

For further information on motorcycle learner licence requirements see

Download the new motorcycle training package Questions and Answers here.