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Seat and helmet

A bicycle passenger must wear an approved bicycle helmet and sit on a proper seat when riding on a bicycle.

Area reserved for cyclists (bicycle storage area)

Some intersections controlled by traffic signals in Tasmania now have bicycle storage areas. These are painted areas on the road in front of the usual stop line that allow cyclists to wait at traffic lights in safety. A cyclist can enter these areas from the preceding bicycle lane moving to the far left or right to make left or right turns.

As a motorist, what must I do at an intersection with a bicycle storage area?

If the traffic lights change to red, you must stop at the first stop line. Cyclists are allowed to proceed beyond the first stop line to the second stop line inside the bicycle storage area. See diagram.

What to do at intersections

When turning at intersections with a bicycle storage area a bicycle rider:

  • if turning left, must be in the left lane of the reserved area
  • if turning right, must be in the right lane of the reserved area (where there is a bicycle storage area in the right lane).

What you have to do

If you are a bicycle passenger, make sure you are wearing an approved bicycle helmet and sitting on a proper seat. If you are using the bicycle storage area ensure you keep clear of the pedestrian area.

What else can cyclists do to increase safety?

  • Use lights at night at both the front and rear of the bicycle

Road safety reasons

Cyclists and their passengers are some of the most vulnerable road users. If both cyclists and their passengers wear helmets, the risk of head injury is reduced in a crash.

Using a proper seat keeps the bicycle more stable and lessens the risk of crashing. Bicycle storage areas allow cyclists to wait ahead of traffic at intersections with traffic lights and to get a head start on motor vehicles.

This way cyclists can be more easily seen by drivers.