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Continue to drive safely & Legally

You can now travel above 80 km/h - but remember, speed limits are the maximum speed you can do when the conditions are perfect - but conditions rarely are……


Speed is a major cause of road crashes. Drive within the speed limit at all times. Between 2003 and 2007 speed was a crash factor in 14% of all fatal crashes among novice drivers.

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  • the weather is often bad so it's hard to see, the road is slippery and its harder to control the car or motorcycle
  • a low sun in the sky can shine in your eyes, obscuring your vision
  • the road might be gravel and have lots of bends
  • there might be lots of traffic on the road
  • pedestrians are always about
  • wildlife might run out from the roadside……
  • the list goes on - there's so much happening on the road to look out for. So be smart, look about, and drive to the conditions.

Obey the law and avoid tough penalties.  And don't forget the special condition that all P2 drivers must follow:

NEVER drive with ANY alcohol in your body

If you break this law, you'll have to appear in Court to face a Magistrate who will impose a penalty - the minimum penalty is losing your licence and paying a fine and your time in the P2 stage will be extended

Remember, if you lose 4 demerit points, you lose your novice licence

If you show that you aren't responsible enough to make safe, legal driving choices by losing your P2 licence twice, then you'll be sent back to the P1 stage.  You'll then have to hold a P1 licence for another 12 continuous months and pay the licence fees again, see novice penalties for further information.

So comply with the Road Rules, drive to the conditions, and make safe driving choices.  Check out the Safety Tips page for tips on being a better, safer driver.