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Dealer Registration Scheme Manual Other Procedures

Dealer Registration Scheme Manual Other Procedures

How to Order Plates, Registration forms

To order Certificate of Registration and MAIB Premium and Application for Transfer and Disposal forms complete a Dealer registration Scheme Order Form and fax to R&LS. To order Plates complete a Stock Requisition form. Fax to your Service Tasmania Shop. 24 hours notice is required prior to collection.

Reimbursement of Fees

If the dealer needs to cancel a registration after it has been processed (eg deal falling through or the vehicle is not acceptable to the customer) you need to contact the Dealer co-ordinator at R&LS.

A full reimbursement of fees will be granted if registration is cancelled on the same day it has been processed; a pro-rata reimbursement will be granted if registration is cancelled more than one day after processing.

Calculation of pro-rata refund is based on the motor tax and MAIB premium only. Dealers will need to apply to the Commissioner of State Revenue (State Revenue Office, L4, 80 Elizabeth Street, Hobart), for a refund of the duty.

Monitoring Performance

Any breach of the conditions of the Schemes by the Dealer or the authorised representatives will be subject to a review by the Registrar and may result in penalties or the dealer being suspended from the Scheme. The conditions are listed under "Responsibilities of Authorised Representative".