Re-establish Registration

You will need to re-establish registration for vehicles, motorcycles or trailers that:

  • have had registration expired for 3 months or more (if your vehicle was registered in Tasmania and expired less than 3 months ago you can back pay the registration renewal to the expiry date and the vehicle will not require an inspection - Renew Registration)
  • are Ex mainland vehicles
  • are Ex-government and purchased at auction
  • have cancelled registration
  • are recorded as a repairable write-off.  (Will require 3 levels of inspection, if wrecked 2 levels). Written Off Vehicles FAQ (a statutory write-off cannot be re-registered in Tasmania)

The Status page will provide you with information regarding the status of a vehicle's registration - Status page

Note:  Vehicles with (Conditional Registration) may need an inspection but an application for this type of registration must be made to determine requirements.  For more information: Conditional Registration.

All vehicles requiring re-establishment need inspection, except the following:

Start at step two of the procedures below if your vehicle falls into one of the above categories that don't require inspection.

To get your vehicle registered you will need to:

1. Have your vehicle inspected

Make a booking for an inspection through:

Attend the booking and ensure you are provided with the required paperwork detailed below.

2. Ensure you have the following documentation

  • completed Registration and MAIB application form (provided by the Inspection Station) or a completed Application and Registration MR205 if vehicle does not require an inspection (MR205 also available at Service Tasmania)
  • if registering a heavy vehicle completed Heavy vehicle or Heavy trailer classification form
  • prove Proof of Entitlement (if vehicle was purchased from a recognised auction group eg Fowles, Pickles see (Requirements for the registration of vehicles sold at auction)
  • Provide a current Tasmanian licence or Full Evidence of Identity
  • If you are entitled to a concession and you have not claimed a concession previously, a completed concession application form and your Pension or Health care card.

Additional requirements if you are:

Transferring or purchasing a vehicle from interstate (ex mainland vehicles)
  • previous registration certificate, if available and
  • the mainland plates - if plates are unable to be surrendered the client must complete a Statutory Declaration stating their whereabouts or if they have been purchased in the previous jurisdiction - Checklist
Importing a vehicle from overseas
  • provide an import approval certificate from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (Tel (02) 6274 7506) NOTE: Left hand drive vehicles that are less than 30 years of age must be converted to right hand drive and be certified as acceptable in order to be registered. (except rally vehicles to be registered under the Special Interest Vehicle Registration Scheme)
  • provide the import papers from the Australian Customs Service

For Further Information on:

Contact Vehicle Standards Branch on (03) 6233 5214

For further information on the importation of vehicles:

Registering a written-off or wrecked vehicle
(A statutory write off cannot be re registered)
(Wrecked vehicles are vehicles aged 15 years or less from date of manufacture, with a GVM of 4.5 tonnes or less.)

Further Information see: Written off vehicle FAQ's

Options for when you are registering your vehicle

Click on the links below to read about options available when registering vehicles in Tasmania.  The pages will provide you with details of any additional forms or requirements:

3. Attend a Service Tasmania shop to get your plates and registration certificate (Heavy vehicles only receive a label from the 1st September 2012)

You must provide the paperwork and/or plates detailed above and the fee required for the registration to be issued.

NOTE: The registration label for Heavy vehicles will be forwarded by mail to the nominated postal address within 14 days.  The vehicle can be operated without displaying a label for up to 45 days from the date of payment or the commencement date of registration (whichever is the later)