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General Specifications

General Specifications

G1General Provisions (PDF) (WORD)
Schedule of Rates (PDF) (Excel)

July 2014
November 2015

G2Contract Management Plan (PDF) (WORD)July 2014
G3Traffic Management (PDF) (WORD)March 2016
G4Compaction Assessment (PDF)March 1995
G5Descriptive Terms in Geomechanics (PDF)June 1997
G6Production of Aggregates and Rock Products (PDF) (WORD)
Explanatory Notes (PDF) (WORD)
July 2014
G7Asphalt Production (PDF)June 2012
G8Construction survey (PDF)September 2010
G9Product Quality (PDF)June 2012
G10Construction Environmental Management Plan (PDF)June 2012

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Completed Works Forms

The Completed Works Forms templates are to be used by contractors undertaking works on the Department of State Growth's roads to record details of works, such as information related to pavement construction, traffic facilities, linemarking or other works outlined in the Department of State Growth's Standard Specifications.  The templates are to be returned as part of the Completion Works Report on the completion of works for any given project.