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State Road Network

Tasman Bridge

Fast facts about our busiest link across the Derwent.

Map of State Roads

Map showing the State road network.

Speed Limits on Tasmanian Roads

Frequently asked questions about speed limits on Tasmanian roads.

Mowing and Roadside Maintenance

Frequently asked questions about Mowing and Roadside Maintenance.

Roadworks Working Times

Information about timing of roadworks.

Environmental Programs

Information on relevant regulations, policy development, studies and programs. The goal of the program is to prevent or minimize the likelihood of damage to high priority threatened species and threatened species habitat.

Useful Links 

Road Projects

Current road projects and the State Road Network.

Tasmanian Government Public Notices (External Site)

For information on proposed future projects, the construction of new roads, upgrading of existing roads or advice on where road project public displays will be held.