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Boyer Road - Serenity Drive Junction - Junction Improvements

The Department of State Growth has now completed construction of a right turn facility at the intersection of Boyer Road and Serenity Drive. This project is jointly funded by the Australian Government’s Black Spot Programme and the Tasmanian Government.


This project is located at the junction of Boyer Road and Serenity Drive, Bridgewater.

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Why is the Department of State Growth doing work on this road?

The key objective of this project was to provide a right turn lane for vehicles turning into Serenity Drive.  This will improve the safety of this intersection by allowing vehicles waiting to turn right to queue clear of through traffic travelling towards New Norfolk.


These works were completed by Tasmanian based contractor DCS Civil Tas Pty Ltd.  


For further information about the project please contact the Project Manager, Kevin Bourne on 6166 3422 or by email at:

Boyer Road - 1

Boyer Road - 2

Boyer Road - 3