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Channel Highway - Bonnet Hill Safety Improvements

The Tasmanian Government has committed to improving the safety for all road users travelling along the Channel Highway in Bonnet Hill. The shoulder sealing and line marking work is based and builds upon the design strategy outlined in the Kingborough Council's report On Road Bike Lane – Channel Highway Preliminary Design 2009.


The project site is located on the Channel Highway in Bonnet Hill, from Proctors Road to Baringa Road in Taroona.

Why is the Department of State Growth doing work on this road?

The safety improvements will provide increased space for all road users (including cyclists) to travel safely through the uphill sections of Bonnet Hill. Work includes:

  • Widened and sealed shoulders to provide a safer shared environment for all road users;
  • Improved delineation on curves (chevrons and guideposts) to reduce run-off-road risk.

Future Works

The Tasmanian Government has committed to delivering the remaining sections in 2017/18.

Funding has been brought forward to allow the completion of shoulder sealing works on the Channel Highway at Bonnet Hill by the end of June 2018

The scope of these safety improvements and the design details are currently being reviewed.  These will be finalised in the coming months with construction anticipated to commence this coming summer.

Completed Works

Over the past two years, more than 3.1 kilometres of sealed shoulders on the uphill section have been completed.

Two sites were identified for safety improvements in the 2016/17 construction season.  Work commenced in December 2016 and were completed in June 2017:

  • Derwent Rise Embankment – a 350 metre uphill section either side of the Baringa Road junction.  
  • Tyndall Embankment – 450 metre uphill lane.

Works completed in 2015/16 construction season included shoulder widening at four locations:

  • Just past Proctors Road to Tyndall Road junction – 750 metres (uphill lane);
  • Just past Illawong Crescent to just past Shot Tower – 1010 metres (uphill lane);
  • Harpers Road to Lynden Road – 300 metres (uphill lane);
  • Taronga Road to Bonnie Brae Road– 100 metres (uphill lane).

Contact Details

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Updated Wednesday, 5 July 2017