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Flood Recovery Works 2016

Updated Thursday, 25 May 2017

Widespread flooding during June and July 2016 resulted in damage to a number of roads and bridges on the State road network.

The majority of flood recovery works on the State road network are now complete and traffic conditions have returned to normal on most roads.

Several State roads and bridges were significantly damaged during the floods and needed major reconstruction. Details of those locations are listed below.

Road Repairs

Mersey Forest Road

Mersey Forest Road, owned by Forestry Tasmania, provides access for visitors to the Walls of Jerusalem walking track and was badly damaged by several major landslips with sections of the road and culverts washed away in the June floods. Repairs to Mersey Forest Road are being managed by the Department of State Growth on behalf of Forestry Tasmania.

Mersey Forest Road re-opened to traffic on Friday, 12 May 2017, restoring access to Lakes Rowallan and Parangana and the Arm River area.

Forestry Tasmania will now begin necessary refurbishment of the Fish River Bridge, and access beyond this bridge will be limited until works are completed in late June 2017. A temporary parking area will available before the bridge, and a temporary ford will be available to allow walkers to cross the Fish River and access the Walls of Jerusalem National Park.

Culvert Installation - 7 April 2017

Mersey Forest Road - 7 April 2017

Progress Photo - 28 April 2017

Mersey Forest Road - 28 April 2017

Sheffield Road, Acacia Hills - Landslip Repair Works

In late 2016, a landslip occurred on Sheffield Road at Acacia Hills between Coles Road and Knox Drive, undermining the south bound lane.

Works to repair this landslip are nearing completion. Reduced speed limits will remain in place until all works are completed.

Reduced speed limits at the work site are necessary for the safety of workers and the travelling public, so please slow down, approach the work site with caution and follow all traffic control instructions.  

For further information regarding this project please contact Adam Garrigan on 0408 969 702.

Bridge Repairs

Mersey River Bridge, Kimberley - Scour Repairs

Works to repair scouring around the base of the Mersey River Bridge at Kimberley commenced on 1 May 2017.

Shaw Contracting (Aust) Pty Ltd will repair the bridge piers from under the bridge, resulting in minimal impact on road users.

These works will protect the longevity of the bridge - originally built in 1971 - and protect it from further flood damage.

During these works there will be increased truck movements around the bridge as material is brought in to complete the repairs, however the bridge will remain open to traffic at all times.

Works are expected to be completed by July 2017.

For further information regarding this project please contact Darren McConnon on 6166 3452.

Hoggs Bridge - Native Plains Road

Hoggs Bridge, located on Native Plains Road between Railton and Merseylea, was substantially damaged during the flood event and required extensive repair work.  

Repairs to Hoggs Bridge are now complete and the bridge has been reopened to traffic.

A 15 tonne load limit has been imposed on Hoggs Bridge. This load limit is to ensure the safety of all road users travelling over the bridge, and will apply until the bridge becomes due for replacement.

Some vehicles weighing in excess of 15 tonnes may be able to access the bridge after an assessment of their axle and mass configurations. For further information on applying for a permit to bypass a Prescribed Load Limit Road Sign, please contact the Department of State Growth on

Further information

For further information about flood recovery projects, please email