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Richmond Road - Safety Improvements

The Department of State Growth has been reviewing the current traffic related issues for road users travelling between Cambridge and Richmond.  


In February 2017 the speed limit was reduced to 80 kilometres an hour which is in line with the 'Safe System' approach to road safety across the State’s road network.

This speed limit reduction has helped address community concerns about safety on this stretch of road.  

Why is the Department proposing these works?

The Government has allocated $6.5 million towards safety improvements and a range of possible treatments and priority actions for improving road safety are being considered. The Richmond Road Master Plan examined some of the options.

Proposed works

The proposed safety improvements include:

  • Sealed shoulders and edgelines;
  • Improvements to three junctions; and
  • Minor vertical and horizontal curve improvements.

Current status – June 2017

A review of the road safety project elements and the design concept is currently being undertaken.  It is anticipated that this review will be completed by the end of December 2017.

Contact Details

For further information about the Master Plan please email:

Updated Friday, 16 June 2017