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Richmond Road Master Plan

The Richmond Road Master Plan examines the current traffic related issues for road users travelling between Cambridge and Richmond. A range of possible treatments and priority actions for improving road safety are being considered.

The Master Plan

The key areas of focus within the Master Plan are increased traffic volumes, crash problems, vehicle speeds, road character (geometry and alignment) and future long-term upgrades.

Richmond Road carries a diverse mix of traffic from commuters to agricultural vehicles and tourists, along with cyclists. It also has a disappointing crash history with some 86 crashes reported, including 10 fatal or serious, between 2005 and 2015.

Options for upgrading, targeted at providing a safer, more consistent environment for all road users, are currently in development.

Changed speed limit to 80km/h on Richmond Road between Cambridge and Richmond from 28 February 2017

This change is in line with the 'Safe System' approach to road safety across the State’s road network.  This speed limit reduction to 80 kilometres an hour will help address community concerns about safety on this stretch of road.

‘New speed limit ahead’ signs have provided motorists with advance warning of the change and new ‘Share the Road’ warning signs also advise motorists this road is used by a variety of vehicles, such as trucks, tractors and cyclists.

In the longer term, a future Cambridge Link Road between the vicinity of Jane Lane and the Acton road interchange has been proposed.  This will improve connectivity for Coal Valley residents and visitors, as well as removing a volume of through traffic for Cambridge residents.  This proposed Link Road is currently not funded.

Richmond Road Master plan

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Updated Friday, 16 June 2017