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Tasman Highway - Mornington Interchange - Westbound Off-ramp extension

The Tasmanian Government has committed funding to extend the westbound off-ramp from the Tasman Highway to the Mornington Interchange by approximately 250 metres.


The work will be undertaken on the city bound approach of the Tasman Highway, heading to the Mornington Interchange at Mornington.

Click on image below for location map

Mornington Off-Ramp Extension Location Map

Why is the Department of State Growth doing work on this road?

This safety improvement will allow vehicles travelling to Mornington to safely exit the Tasman Highway without delaying through-traffic.


This project is currently out to tender. Construction is expected to commence in late-2017.

Contact Details

For further information about the project please contact the Project Manager, Kevin Bourne, on 1800 753 878 or by email at:

Updated Monday, 19 June 2017