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Community Road Safety

Tasmanian Community Road Safety Grants Program
2015 - 2018

Applications for round three close 1 September 2017

Tasmania's Community Road Safety Grants (CRSG) Program supports community involvement in addressing local road safety issues and promoting road safety within the framework of the Towards Zero – Tasmanian Road Safety Strategy 2017-2026 (Towards Zero Strategy).

The grants program assists key road safety stakeholders and the community to develop and implement effective community road safety programs that contribute to positive and sustainable road safety outcomes.

Under the CRSG program local councils, community organisations, Schools and other service areas of the Department of Education and Tasmanian research institutions can apply for funding to undertake community road safety projects. Projects must be evidence-based, using research or best practice principles. They must address localised issues or be of road safety benefit, targeting a specific group or issue and align with the Towards Zero Strategy.

The types of projects that will be funded under this grants program include advertising campaigns and displays (including print and digital media, digital speed displays and variable message signs), education campaigns and programs targeting a range of road user types and behaviours and breath testing at major events preferably on a regional basis.

Working in partnership with other road safety stakeholders to deliver projects will be strongly encouraged under this grants program.

There are two funding streams from which applicants can seek funds under:

  1. Small projects -from $500 - $5,000; and
  2. Medium/Large projects - from $5,000 - $25,000.

There are two variations of the application form. lt depends on which type of funding is sought as to which form is used (Applications forms available below).

IMPORTANT: Applicants MUST read Program GUIDELINES before filling in an application form.

CRSG Program documents are available below.

Previous funding Round 2





West Moonah Community House

$25 000.00

Learner Driver Educational DVD

  • To improve the success rate of people sitting their L1 test.
  • Assist low literacy and English speaking people engaged in the L1 process.

A Pre-Learner Driver Training DVD was created with a turnaround production time of one month. The DVD aimed at assisting people with low literacy or from a non-English speaking background to pass the learner test, increasing their knowledge of basic road rules.

Since the completion of the DVD, it has been used for one full course of the Learner Driver Program and all participants commented on how much easier it was for them to understand the road rules and road dangers. Out of the courses 13 participants, 12 passed. The person who failed (with no formal education) undertook the L1 test several weeks later and passed. The video has also been tested on high school and college students with excellent feedback.

Due to the high quality of the DVD and the positive feedback from State Growth personnel, planning is now underway to seek funding for the other identified areas concerning the road rules, driver safety and outlining the consequences for errant behaviour.

Southern Councils Partnership

$24 979.80

Driver Simulator + The Dangers of Distraction

  • Councils to take responsibility in educating young / novice drivers in the dangers of distraction while driving.
  • A media output made by media students to catalogue the events to the program.

Driver simulation programs were set up at participating school locations to educate young people about the dangers of using a mobile phone and being distracted while driving. This program ran for one week at a time at different educational facilities in Hobart, Glenorchy, Kingborough, the Derwent Valley and Clarence. The program was successfully provided by the RACT and Southern Councils and run by a dedicated team of school principals, teachers and staff.

A video was recorded by school media students to record the process and progress of the course. The video is now available online via;

Up to 300 students per week participated in the program.

Students provided positive feedback as it was an interactive example of road safety principles.  The program was transported efficiently across the municipalities by the RACT.

The long term impact of the program is currently not assessable unless all the participants are monitored over the course of the next 5-10 years.

Kentish/ Latrobe Councils

$24 294.00

Portable Variable Message Sign

  • Address the driving behaviour of motorists on the Kentish and Latrobe road networks.
  • Reduce number of interstate and international tourist crashes.

A portable variable message sign was installed on rural road networks to address the driving behaviour of locals and reduce tourist incidents. Crash data recorded no tourist or heavy machinery crashes for the Kentish and Latrobe municipalities’ throughout the installation of the sign.

The Kentish and Latrobe councils estimates 100 000 people addressed through a combination of strategies including

  • the variable message sign
  • flyers, bumper stickers
  • two months of radio advertising
  • Facebook.

The program ran from January 2016 – July 2016. The long term impact of the messages is not assessable until crash data is analysed post 2020.

Dodges Ferry Primary School

$5 000.00

When I grow up I want to be

  • Raise awareness of road safety issues
  • Provide a platform for families and the community to talk about road safety
  • Involve school students to   create posters, films, social media campaigns etc.
  • Tie the Bike Safety Program + ‘When I grow up I want to be’ together

The ‘When I grow up I want to be’ project was created to raise awareness of Road Safety issues for the community. Dodges Ferry Primary School engaged their students to create artwork for:

  • posters
  • images
  • social media.

The ideology was that their parents would become more engaged with the safety strategies and further promote them throughout the community. A series of road safety videos were created in conjunction with Rosny College, staring the Dodges Ferry Primary School students to promote road safety. This video was then promoted in a “Red Carpet” event. The video has been viewed online more than 10 000 times. Members of the community have hailed the initiative and responded positively on social media platforms.

Glenorchy City Council

$4 950.00
($55 per location)

Digital Speed Display

  • Re-educate drivers about the speed limits.
  • Reduce speed limits of speeding drivers.

A ‘Digital Speed Delay’ was distributed over 90 locations throughout Glenorchy to reduce the vehicle speeds on roads subject to high performance. Approximately 5 000 – 10 000 drivers are addressed per installation. The Glenorchy City Council believes the project met its core objectives with positive results over a short term period.

Kidsafe Tasmania

$3 126.90

Keep your Child Safe in the Car-A5 Booklet

  • Reduce incorrect use and   installation of child restraints.

The ‘Child Safe in the Car’ booklet was designed to better inform people of the correct strategies for installing baby seats in cars and the dangers of incorrect installation. The booklet was well received across Tasmania with high amounts of public interest to obtain the document. Feedback from parents and carers who received the document was positive.

Flinders Island Council

$1 306.00

Road Safety Signage

  • Raise awareness for road   conditions and fauna on roadsides by installing signage.
  • Communicate reduction of speed limit from 100km/h – 80km/h.

Several signs were designed raising awareness of road conditions, wildlife and reduction of speed. These signs were installed at high speed locations on Flinders Island. A partnership with local hire car companies formed to further educate tourists about speed and road conditions with swing tags installed in cars. These companies have reported that the swing tags get left on the floor upon the return of the vehicle.

Positive feedback has been provided from locals who are happy and impressed with the awareness campaign making their roads safer.

For more information contact:

Alysse Gavlik
Senior Consultant, Community Development and Engagement
Phone: (03) 6166 3245