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Learner Driver Mentor Program Funding

For some learner drivers, accessing a suitable car and/or supervisory driver to gain the required minimum 50 on-road hours is extremely challenging.

Under the Learner Driver Mentor Program (LDMP), community based not-for-profit organisations coordinate the matching of disadvantaged learner drivers with volunteers (and vehicles) to gain the minimum supervised driving hours to progress to the provisional stage of the driver licensing system.

For the purposes of participating in an LDMP, a learner driver is considered to meet the disadvantaged criteria if they:

  1. Do not have access to a suitable supervisory driver and/or car; and
  2. Are on a low income and are not able to afford professional driving lessons to gain the minimum hours required to obtain a driver licence.

It is considered critical that disadvantaged learner drivers are supported to enter the licensing system as this decreases the risk of unlicensed driving, and has many positive benefits including:

  • Employment opportunities
  • Social, community, and sporting activities
  • Access to education and employment programs
  • Access to medical/health facilities and other services particularly in rural or regional areas
  • Independent living skills.

Driver Mentoring Tasmania

DMT is the peak body representing LDMPs in Tasmania.  DMT has a volunteer board and a paid state-wide Coordinator. The role of DMT includes:

  • Providing high level support and advice to individual LDMPs, including providing tools and advice for managing and administering programs and recruiting and retaining mentors and learners.
  • Representing and advocating on behalf of member LDMPs.

The DMT Coordinator meets regularly with all LDMPs to assist programs with operational issues and longer term business planning.

For more about DMT visit:

A tool kit is avaialble to help guide prospective and existing organisations with good practise operation. The tool kit is available for download:

Funding 2017-18

The Government has made funding available from the Road Safety Levy, to continue to support Driver Mentoring Tasmania (DMT) and Learner Driver Mentor Programs (LDMPs).

The following programs received funding for the 2017-18 funding period.




Driver Mentoring Tasmania

0409 832 764

Top Gear

Migrant Resources Centre - South

03 6221 0999

Top Gear

Jordan River Service Inc.

03 6263 4303

Drive Time

Derwent Valley Community House

03 6261 5230

Wheels 4 Work

Starting Point Neighbourhood House

03 6339 2861

Gearing Up

Huon Valley Council

03 6264 0377


Goodwood Community Centre

03 6272 2560


Northern Suburbs Community Centre

03  6326 6776

Drive 4 Life

Migrant Resources Centre - North

03  6332 2211

Ready Set Go

Clarendon Vale Neighbourhood Centre

0405 976 865

Strive to Drive

Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation

03 6452 1287


Geeveston Community Centre

03 6297 1616

Easy P's

Devonport Chaplaincy Inc.

0418 509 436

Get In2 Gear

Break O'Day Council

03 6376 7900


Launceston College

03 6332 7777


Australian Red Cross Burnie

03 6431 1848

PCYC (new)

PCYC Hobart

03 6230 2246

The Funding Assessment Panel Report can be downloaded here:

Learner Driver Mentor Program Funding Assessment Panel Report 2017-18 (PDF)

Further Information

For further assistance contact either: