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Cyclist Warning Signs

As part of the Government's commitment to increasing cyclist safety, new cyclist warning signs are being installed along popular cycling routes.

Signs will be completed by March 2015.

The Department of State Growth determined popular cycling routes in consultation with local councils, cycling groups and cyclists through its Cycling Safety Steering Committee.

Click below for locations of new signs.

There are two versions of the sign. One depicts a recommended passing distance of one metre for roads with speeds of up to and including 60km/h, and the other 1.5 metres for roads above 60km/h.  The diamond advisory sign depicts a motorist passing a cyclist at these recommended distances.  The signs also include a supplementary plate with the words 'pass cyclists safely'.

Cyclist warning sign
Cyclist warning sign

Focus groups helped to determine the most effective design for these signs.

The signs aim to:

a) increase driver awareness of the presence of cyclists on roads popular with cyclists; and
b) encourage motorists to pass cyclists safely, but only when safe to do so.

To complement this, changes have been made to the Tasmanian road rules to allow motorists to cross centre lines to pass cyclists, when safe to do so.

These changes will take effect on 25 February 2015. For more information visit the State Growth Youtube  Channel - Crossing the centre line to pass bike riders safely