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Towards Zero - Tasmanian Road Safety Strategy 2017-2026

The Towards Zero – Tasmanian Road Safety Strategy 2017-2026 (Towards Zero Strategy) will focus the Government’s road safety efforts over the next decade.

The Towards Zero Strategy continues to be based on the best-practice Safe System approach to road safety and has a long-term vision of zero serious injuries or deaths on Tasmanian roads.

The Towards Zero Strategy and Towards Zero Action Plan 2017-2019 targets Tasmania’s highest risk areas and deliberately focuses on those road safety initiatives that will gain the greatest reductions in serious injuries and deaths.

The Government will also continue to undertake a broader range of road safety initiatives for vulnerable road users such as tourists, cyclists and pedestrians. These are outlined in the Department of State Growth’s Road Safety Work Program 2017-2019.

Road safety initiatives are currently funded by the Road Safety Levy.

Our vision

Driving the Towards Zero Strategy is the long-term vision of a Tasmania where no one is seriously injured or killed as the result of a crash on our roads.

Our target

Between 2006 and 2015, 3 193 people have been seriously injured or killed from road crashes in Tasmania. Since 2001 there has been a downward trend in the annual number of serious casualties (the combination of serious injuries and fatalities).

However, this reduction has clearly plateaued, with around 300 people each year continuing to be seriously injured or killed as a result of crashes on Tasmanian roads.

To work towards a Safe System and the long-term vision of zero serious casualties, the Towards Zero Strategy has a target of reducing the number of annual serious injuries and deaths on Tasmanian roads to fewer than 200 by 2026.

This target is deliberately ambitious.

To reach this target the Government will continue to take incremental steps, look for innovative solutions, address Tasmania’s crash problem areas and build upon past road safety achievements.

Crash casualty statistics over 5 years

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Strategy development:

Extensive community and stakeholder consultation and independent research and modelling informed the development of the Towards Zero Strategy.  A discussion paper was released for comment and around 2 500 Tasmanians participated in the consultation process.

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