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Ticketing changes starting 19 April 2020 (north west only)

What is the change?

From the 19 April 2020 Merseylink will operate on the transportme ticketing system.

This change will impact current Merseylink passengers, including students, after the current free travel period ends but passengers are encouraged to start preparing for the change now.

The same applies for current Hospital Link passengers - because the service will start to be operated by Merseylink on 19 April 2020, once the free travel period ends these passengers will need to have a transportme card to pay for travel.

How will this effect current Merseylink passengers who have a smart card?

Smart cards will still work on Merseylink services so there is no need to get a new card.

Concession holders will need to present a valid concession card to the driver so that their card can be programmed to charge a concession fare for all future travel. Passengers are able to do this now, but they won’t need to start using their card again until the cashless bus fares and fare amnesty ends.

For information on concessions and to view concession eligibility visit the concessions page .

What do current Hospital Link passengers need to do to get ready to catch the service once it is operated by Merseylink on 19 April 2020?

From 19 April 2020 Merseylink will operate the Hospital Link service instead of Metro.

The best payment option for all Merseylink passengers is to apply for a transportme card . This page provides information on the benefits of transportme and how to apply for a card .

The Department of State Growth are currently exploring options to allow passengers to participate in a trial that will allow passengers to continue to use their Greencard. More information on this process will become available on this page.

Other recent ticketing changes

Changes that came in on 19 January 2020 (northern region)

George Town, north east and east coast services

The following northern region operators moved to the transportme smartcard ticketing system on 19 January 2020:

Click your operator above to apply for a transportme card.

North Riverside (West Tamar Highway corridor)

One of the key areas impacted by ticketing changes that occurred on 19 January 2020 were users on the North Riverside corridor where services previously operated by Metro Tasmania are now operated by Manions’ Coaches. The affected services are those travelling along the length of the West Tamar Highway (routes 780, 781, 782) operated by Manions’ Coaches. Passengers using these services needed to start using the transportme smartcard ticketing system instead of the Greencard ticketing system.

Passengers can visit the Manions’ Coaches website to apply for a transportme card.

Passengers on the Riverside corridor who need to regularly transfer onto Metro services once they reach Launceston can apply to be part of a trial to use their Metro Greencard on Manions’ Coaches services. For more information, please click here.

Metro Launceston urban network and Cressy, Longford, Evandale and Perth services

These services provided by Metro and Tassielink will continue to use the existing Greencard smartcard system.

Passengers travelling on George Town services getting on through the Mowbray corridor will need to use a transportme card. Use of Greencard on George Town services will not be available.

About transportme and signing up

A transportme card means you don’t need to carry cash to catch the bus and it fits neatly in your purse, wallet or phone cover.

Using a transportme card will also mean you save 20% on normal fares.

You can use the transportme app to recharge your card and access real time bus tracking to see where your bus is.

To apply for a card select your operator from the list below.

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