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New contract information

As part of the final preparation of the new bus contracts, the latest version of the Formal Instrument of Agreement, Standard Conditions and funding models will be maintained on this page.

You will also find an excel spreadsheet calculator which can be used to estimate school bus contract payments and look at different scenarios.

These documents are still subject to modification with the Crown reserving all rights.

The Formal Instrument of Agreement (Draft as at 15 April 2019)

This document is the head agreement between an operator and the Crown, and lists each of the contracts held.

The Standard Conditions (Draft as at 2 April 2019)

This document lists all of the standard terms and conditions which apply to each contract listed under the Formal Instrument of Agreement.

Please note that two amendments are expected to be made to this version:

  • The Bus Age definition is expected to be amended to allow for a scenario where buses are not issued with a compliance plate; and
  • Clause 3.5(f) will be amended to more clearly align the days that a school bus service is to operate to the school terms published on the Department of Education website.  This is intended to provide more clarity for parents over when school services will run and also to act as a safeguard for operators so that if a contracted school significantly deviates from these school term dates, the operator is not obliged to service the school.

School Bus Funding Model Calculator and Instructions

The excel calculator can be used to calculate an estimate of payments (as at 1 July 2018) for services that you, as an operator, provide.

The model is provided in good faith and without prejudice.  The model has been tested and should assist to provide you with calculations for the funding offer.

It should be noted that the final offer that you will receive, regardless of the calculations provided using the calculator, will be those specified in the final contract provided to you.

If there are any issues or queries, please contact Craig Elliot on 6166 3484.