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Appealing a bus services matching decision

To lodge an appeal, you must be an incumbent bus operator with a current passenger transport contract. You can only request a review on the following grounds:

  • you believe you are not matched against the service that best matches your current service
  • you believe there is a new service that better matches your existing service
  • you are able to demonstrate a material interest in a new service under the principles outlined in the Project 2018 Re-contracting Process document.

If you wish to make an appeal on the above grounds, you will need to lodge an Application for Review of Appeal (WORD) (PDF) before the appeal period end date (30 days from release of matching decision).

Appeals will go to a Review Panel nominated by the Chair of the bus services review Oversight Committee.

The Review Panel does not include any members of the bus services review project team, or anyone involved in the original decision making process. The bus services review team will be notified of any appeals lodged, and may be asked to provide information to the Review Panel.

All appeals will be received by this panel. The panel will notify the ‘matched’ bus operator(s) and then undertake a review of the decision as per the guidelines.

All parties involved will be notified of the decision of the review panel.

Once resolved, direct contract offers or closed tenders will then be held as appropriate.

Review of appeal process

Before you make your Application for Review of Appeal, please ensure you have read and understood the grounds for appeal that you, as an operator, must meet before lodging your appeal. You will also need to look at the Register of Decisions and the Map Viewer that will provide information on existing routes and proposed routes. If you have a genuine reason for not being able to lodge your appeal, or difficulty in accessing the internet, you can contact the bus services review project team via email or by calling Andrew Mullen on 6166 4470 to discuss alternative notification options.

This process is only for incumbent operators who believe their service should also have been matched against a new service, or believe there is a new service which more accurately matches their current service. Operators must be able to demonstrate a material interest in a new service under the principles outlined in the Project 2018 Re-contracting Process document.

This process does not allow for operators to seek to exclude or challenge the matching of an operator to a service.

The Review of Appeal Application is available in both Word and PDF to download. The Word version of the application form can be filled-in electronically and printed, and the PDF version can be printed and filled-in by hand. Once you have completed the application, please send it to:

Attention: Janine Armstrong
Bus Services Review Project Review of Appeal Process
Department of State Growth
GPO Box 536