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Register of decisions

Bus services review service matching decisions will be published on this page each Tuesday and it is the responsibility of operators to regularly review this page for updates. Missing the publication of a matching decision will not be taken as sufficient reason for an appeal. Where operators have a genuine reason, or difficulty, in accessing the internet, they can contact the bus services review team via email or by calling Andrew Mullen on 61664470.  For full details on the matching process please read the Bus Services Review Re-contracting Process document. For information on how to lodge an appeal please download the Bus Services Review Matching Process Appeals form (Word) (PDF).

Please note, the final contracted route may start at a different point and spur lengths may change, based on more detailed assessment of patronage numbers and safe operational requirements from that shown in the map viewer.

1. The appeal period ends at 11:59pm on the Appeal Period End Date.

To allow some flexibility, some decisions may be published on other days, but any decision published between 11:59pm on a Tuesday and the following Tuesday will be deemed to have been published on the following Tuesday for the 30 day appeal period.  There may also be weeks when no matching decisions are made.