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Duty payment is required for the transfer of most vehicles, but some exemptions do apply. Duty exemptions may require approval from the State Revenue Office or other bodies. Please see below for more details.

Vehicles that are exempt from duty without needing further approval or authority

These exemptions apply to:

  • Machinery and plant vehicles
  • State government vehicles

Duty exemptions requiring a letter of approval from the State Revenue Office

These exemptions apply to:

  • Transfers with no change in beneficial ownership
  • Family law settlements
  • Any other approved exemptions or authority
  • Repossessions
  • May also apply for a refund after duty is paid

For more information and contact details refer to the State Revenue Office website.

Duty exemptions that may require State Revenue Office declarations

This exemption may apply to:

  • Beneficiaries of an estate

Duty exemptions for charitable status from  the Australian Tax Office

This exemption can apply to all charities and benevolent institutions with proof from the ATO.

You will need to contact State Growth on to update your charitable status and receive this exemption.

For more information see the Australian Tax Office’s information on:

Transfers to or from joint owners

In these situations, duty is payable on half the market value for transfers from:

  • Two registered operators to one
  • where the new registered operator was one of the previously registered operators
  • where the previous operator remains one of the joint registered operators.
  • One registered operator to two registered operators (light vehicles only)

For more information please refer to “Transferring a vehicle without a sale”

Other duty exemptions

Duty exemptions are also available to

  • Motor dealer vehicles
    • Dealers must have a duty exemption number and be intended for sale or demonstration
  • TPI pension recipients
    • This rebate only available to one vehicle at a time
  • Transport Access Scheme members
    • Or parents/guardians if the member is under 16
    • This rebate only available to one vehicle at a time