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Common Expiry Payments Calculation

Fleet Operators (more than three vehicles) and State Government Agencies are able to arrange the registration of all their vehicles so that they expire on the same day. This is known as a common expiry date. The common expiry date for Government Agencies is 1 August and for fleet operators it can be any day of any month (Subject to approval).

Fleet Operators requiring a common expiry date need to contact the Registration & Licensing Services of the Department prior to registering a vehicle. For more information see Common Expiry Date.

If registering a vehicle under a common expiry date, the first renewal of registration must not be less than 60 days, nor greater than 12 months plus 60 days.

Periodic registration is not available to common expiry registration.

How to Calculate Common Expiry

Common Expiry is calculated using the following equation:

_________(fees) x no. days to expiry_________365
(divide by 366 if 29th February falls in period)

=  Subtotal

Subtotal + plate fee + premium duty ($20.00) +
(if required) + market value duty* (if required)

= Total Amount Payable

*Market value duty is unique to each vehicle and is calculated on its market value. Applicable only for registration issue, re-issue & registration transfers. See Duty Rates


  • fees equals the registration fee, Road Safety Levy, MAIB Premium (minus $20.00 which makes up premium duty), and motor tax (Govt. vehicles exempt) added together;
  • days includes the day of expiry and the day of issue; and
  • 365 equals the number of days in any year (not including leap years).
  • Plate fee and premium duty cannot be rebated on a pro-rata basis.