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Some minor adjustments to timing of services will be occurring on Wednesday 4 March 2020 to ensure services better run to the timetable.

Due to travel time delays route 731 which left Sorell at 7:40am will now depart 10 minutes early at 7:30am from 4 March 2020. This service will arrive into the Hobart CBD at 8:25am.

In the afternoon, the X33 which departed Sorell at 2:00pm will become route 731 as it was running ahead of its timetable. The service will still reach Hobart CBD at 2:40pm.

We have also made some timing adjustments at Rosny interchange, with services from Sorell leaving five minutes later during the interpeak. This better reflects actual travel times.

From 1 February 2020 there are three extra weekday services for Carlton and Dodges Ferry with the previous Sorell to Hobart service at 1:00pm now starting at Carlton at 12:25pm, and the 10:00am and 2:00pm services from Hobart to continue through to Dodges Ferry/Carlton.

To assist Entura and other Cambridge workers at Cambridge Park, all services via Cambridge, including the morning X31 from Hobart at 7:00am and the afternoon X31 from Sorell at 5:00pm, now travel via Kennedy Dr/Bungana Way in Cambridge. The Tasmanian Government has also constructed new bus stops on Bungana Way to support these services.

Weekends services to and from Dodges Ferry/Carlton have doubled, meaning residents will have greater choice when travelling to and from Hobart. The additional services include a mid-morning service to Hobart departing Carlton at 9:40am and an afternoon service to Dodges Ferry/Carlton departing Hobart at 4:30pm to better suit work times.

View the Carlton/Dodges Ferry and Sorell timetable.