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We have launched a new smartphone app that will provide real-time information about traffic conditions on key commuter routes.

If it’s taking longer than usual for that time of day, the app uses the Bluetooth in your phone to alert you to unexpected delays, or updates about your travel time while driving on key roads in Hobart and Launceston.

Providing advance warning allows road users to avoid disruptions due to crashes, improving traffic flow and reducing queues.

The app also provides estimated travel times on key routes based on current traffic conditions.

To use the TrafficTAS app, just open it on a Bluetooth enabled smartphone, and let the app run in the background.
You can also connect it to your car audio system, or place it in a hands free phone holder and hear the alerts through your phone’s speaker.

All that is required to use the TrafficTAS app is a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

Find out more and download the app here:  TrafficTAS app.