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Changes to planned roadworks

We’re doing what we can to support the efforts of those fighting fires across the state.

Because of the fires currently burning around Tasmania, we have postponed the following works to give better access to emergency vehicles and people leaving the warning area.

  • Resurfacing and linemarking on Highland Lakes Road north of Glovers Road, Bothwell and north of Interlaken Road, Steppes, and from Bothwell to Miena, due to the fire at Great Pine Tier.
  • Resurfacing and linemarking on the Huon Highway from Sledge Hill Road to Station Road, Dover, due to the fire at Riveaux Road, Southwest.
  • Tree removal works on the Huon Highway at grove have been postponed due to the total fire ban in place for most of this week.
  • With the total fire ban in place for most of this week, all mowing, slashing and tree removal works will be postponed in the South/North/North East. Works in the North West will be assessed site by site.

All works that might cause a spark are not allowed when there is a total fire ban in place.

Because of the postponed works, we will be doing the following works instead:

  • Repairs to the road surface on the Arthur Highway, between Forcett and Copping this week. There will be a single lane closure during our workings hours, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

There is a Tasmanian Fire Service base camp on Gordon River Road, beyond Bushy Park. We have reduced the speed limit on the approach to the camp, and put up signs warning drivers of traffic hazards ahead. Please follow all traffic signs, and approach the area with caution.