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Huon Highway, Franklin - Extension of 50km/h speed zone

Safety for all road users will be improved in Franklin with the extension of the 50km/h speed zone at the northern end of the town.

The current 50 km/h zone runs from Hayes Road to the vicinity of Walpole Lane at the south end of the town. The 50km/h zone will be extended through to north of Huon Eldercare, to cover the large number of property accesses and side roads at the northern end of the town.

At the northern end of Franklin, there are a large number of driveways to residential properties and businesses, including Huon Eldercare. There are also several side roads and kerb-side parking, which means vehicles are frequently entering, or turning across the traffic.

Huon Highway at Franklin also carries a mix of traffic, including daily commuters, heavy vehicles from local industry, and a significant number of tourists visiting local attractions, which has seen an increase in the number of pedestrians.

The speed limit has been reviewed following a request from the Huon Valley Council. The new speed limit is in line with the Safe System approach to road safety across the State’s road network and the change is supported by the Huon Valley Council and Franklin Progress Association.  

The change will also improve the safety of pedestrians and motorists accessing the Huon Eldercare facility. Motorists are encouraged to keep an eye out for the changes, which will come into effect by Friday, 19 May 2017.  ‘New speed limit ahead’ signage will be in place to let motorists know about the change.

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