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Speed Limit Review - East Derwent Highway, Risdon to Geilston Bay

Speed limits are reviewed for a variety of reasons including requests from local council, Police or the community, due to development, or changing road environments.

Reviews are the responsibility of the relevant road manager and for State Roads that sits with the Department of State Growth. Speed limits can only be changed by the Transport Commissioner following a speed limit change application from the relevant road manager.

Speed limits currently under review

Have your say on a proposed speed limit change for:

East Derwent Highway, Risdon to Geilston Bay (comments open from 10:00 am, Monday 30 July until 4:00 pm, Friday 17 August 2018).

What’s considered when reviewing a speed limit?

A number of factors are taken into consideration when a review is carried out on an existing speed limit, including:

  • Safety concerns
  • Crash history
  • Condition of the road
  • What the road is used for
  • Traffic volumes
  • Presence of vulnerable road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians
  • Number of accesses and intersections
  • Compliance with AustRoads and engineering guidelines.

We may also consult with stakeholders such as police, local councils and the community to determine if a speed limit change is supported.