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The Bruny Island ferry service contract

SeaLink Travel Group Limited (SeaLink) has been awarded the contract to operate the Bruny Island ferry services for at least the next 10 years.

The Bruny Island ferry service is a key link for Bruny Island residents as well as commuters and holiday makers, providing for movement of passengers, vehicles and freight between the island and Tasmanian mainland.

In recent years there has been growing demand for the ferry service, and in recontracting the future service, the Tasmanian Government’s focus has been to provide the service that will best meet the future demands of all ferry users.

SeaLink is a highly experienced and proven operator of vehicle and passenger ferries, including services to a number of island communities around Australia.

The new service will bring some exciting changes that will ensure the service continues to meet future need for transport to and from the island.

Sealink will dedicate two vessels when it starts its contract in September to provide greater flexibility in meeting demand.

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