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- include details of ALL vehicles you wish to use to deliver lessons.  (Vehicle must be registered in Tasmania.)

Provide current comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy statement for all vehicles listed above
(if more than three vehicles send the additional statements to

Provide a current Certificate of Currency for:

- Professional Indemnity insurance for at least $2M
- Public Liability insurance for at least $5M

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Personal information protection statement

Personal Information Protection Statement: You are providing personal information to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, who will manage that information in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act 2004 and relevant provisions of the Vehicle and Traffic Act 1999. The personal information collected here will be used by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles for driver licensing and vehicle registration purposes, and related purposes under the Vehicle and Traffic Act 1999 and associated laws, including for national identity matching and verification purposes. Failure to provide this information may result in your application not being processed, or records not being properly maintained. The Registrar of Motor Vehicles may also use the information for related purposes, or disclose it to third parties in circumstances allowed for by law. You have the right to access your personal information by request to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles and you may be charged a fee for this service.