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1Am I eligible to make a booking using the online booking portal?

Online bookings are not available to the following clients/assessments:

  • Driving assessments on King or Flinders Island
  • If your licence has expired for more than five years
  • Overseas conversions
  • Those requiring an interpreter
  • If your licence is disqualified
  • Assessments to remove a licence condition(s)

2How do I book my assessment in person?

You will need to go to a Service Tasmania to book in person.

You will need to:

  • Meet the eligibility requirements for the licence type you are applying for,
  • Bring your current licence,
  • Pay the appropriate fee.

3What if I need an interpreter for my assessment

If you need an interpreter for your assessment, you’ll need to visit a Service Tasmania shop or contact Registration and Licensing Service to make your test bookings and request an interpreter. These bookings must be made at least two weeks before you knowledge test or drivers assessment.