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Getting a Licence

Learn to drive videos

These film clips have developed by the West Moonah Community House to assist international drivers, driver education classes and people with language and learning difficulties in understanding the Tasmanian road rules.

Car Licence

Driving assessments and knowledge tests

Links to the Practice the Driver Knowledge Test system and information on driving assessments assessment criteria's and driver competency standards.

Car Learner (Novice)

If you've never held a full drivers licence before you are classed as a Novice.

Car Learner (non-novice)

If you have held a full car licence (anywhere) in the world and you need to get a learner licence, you will be issued with a non-novice learner licence.

Basic (Full) Licence

On completion of a provisional driver licence period, you are entitled, upon payment of a licence fee, to progress to Full Licence status.

Other Licences

Heavy Vehicles

Information on how to get a Heavy Vehicle licence and the different classes available.

Public Passenger Vehicle (Ancillary Certificate)

A Public Passenger Vehicle is a vehicle that is used to carry passengers for hire or reward.

Driving Instructors

An ancillary certificate in driving instruction allows you to be paid to teach a person to drive. If you don't hold a Certificate you can't be paid for your services.

Wheelchair Licence

A licence is required if the wheelchair can exceed a speed of 10 km/h.

Motorcycle Licences