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Authorised Driving Instructors - L2 Assessments


In December 2014 the authority to undertake L2 driving assessments was extended to suitably qualified car driving instructors throughout the state. The option of undertaking your L2 assessment with a Government Driving Assessor is still available.

P1 and other car assessments will continue to be undertaken by Government Driving Assessors.

If you wish to undertake an L2 assessment with an Authorised Driving Instructor you need to contact and pay the driving school direct. You will not need to go to Service Tasmania until you have successfully completed your assessment.

The cost of undertaking the L2 assessment is the same whether you go with a Government Driving Assessor or an Authorised Driving Instructor - Fee. Authorised Driving Instructors may charge additional fees such as hire of their vehicle or other costs.

L2 Assessments with an Authorised Driving Instructor can be undertaken during daylight hours. They also have the flexibility to undertake L2 assessments 7 days a week.

To find an Authorised Driving Instructor or enquiry about becoming one see - Authorised Driving Instructors.

What are the reasons for allowing Authorised Driving Instructors to undertake L2 Driving Assessments?

The Government is committed to improving the novice driver experience by removing barriers to improve the customer experience for novice drivers.

It is anticipated that waiting times for L2 assessments will reduce, particularly in regional and rural Tasmania, so that novice drivers can progress through the licensing system sooner without compromising road safety. It will also provide greater flexibility for supervisory drivers.

How do I know a Driving Instructor is qualified to undertake an L2 Driving Assessment?

All Authorised Driving Instructors are listed on the Transport website and should have an Ancillary Certificate in Driving Instruction Identification Card displayed when undertaking an assessment.

Ancillary Certificate in Driving Instruction Identification card displays an image and details of the Authorised Driving Instructor. There will be a "Y" displayed under "Authorised to undertake L2 Assessment"

Will there be any difference in the assessment?

No, whether you go with a Government Driving Assessor or an Authorised Driving Instructor you will be assessed by the same guidelines.

All assessments must be conducted using an approved route which is designed to allow a driver to demonstrate the required skills. The Department of State Growth has approved additional routes to enable Authorised Driving Instructors state wide to undertake the assessments.

Can I use my own Vehicle?

You need to contact your driving school. This is a business decision made by individual driving schools. If undertaking the assessment with a Government Driving Assessor you have to use your own vehicle.

I currently have a booking for an L2 Assessment! Can I change it and go with an Authorised Driving Instructor?

Yes, but you will only receive a refund if you let us know at least 2 business days prior to your scheduled assessment.  

Unfortunately you will not receive your refund in cash. It will be sent to you through the mail. You should receive a cheque within 10 working days, there are no cash refunds.

You need to book and pay for your assessment through your Authorised Driving Instructor.  They will not be able to access any money you paid to Service Tasmania.

What do I do if I pass my L2 Assessment with an Authorised Driving Instructor?

You will be given:

  • a Car L2 Licence Assessment Summary Record, and
  • a Certificate of Competence*.

You need to take these documents together with EOI and the L2 licence fee to Service Tasmania to get your L2 licence issued.  

*The Certificate of Competence is valid until you obtain an L2 car licence but your L2 period will not start until you have the L2 licence issued.

If I fail my L2 driving assessment how long do I need to wait before I can rebook?

If you fail you can rebook your assessment in the next available L2 assessment spot.  Unlike the P1 driving assessment where you need to wait for 28 days to undertake your assessment again. 

What if I have a concern about an L2 assessment or an Authorised Driving Instructor?

You should first contact the driving school to try and sort out the issue. If you aren't satisfied with how the driving school has handled your complaint, you can contact the Department of State Growth by emailing You will need to provide details of your concerns (e.g. date, time, place, details of driving school etc).