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Authorised Driving Instructors

Authorised Driving Instructors can undertake L2 assessments throughout the state.

Authorised Driving Instructors operate in different locations.  The areas where they conduct driving assessments are detailed in the List of Authorised Driving Instructors.  If you live in a remote area you may need to travel to the nearest provider.

You organise, book and pay for the assessment by contacting the Authorised Driving Instructor directly.  You do not need to attend a Service Tasmania shop to pay for the L2 assessment unless you want to do your assessment with a Government assessor See - Booking an assessment.

List of Authorised Driving Instructors (PDF, 192.81 KB)

As instructors become authorised their details will be included in the list.  Regularly check this page for updates for details of assessors in your area.

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