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Returning Riders Road Refresher Course

Subsidised Check Ride

Motorcycle riders who have not been on a bike for some time are strongly encouraged to participate in a Check Ride.  This course is not a mandatory driver licensing requirement, however it is a serious and friendly safety riding experience for those wishing to upskill themselves in both handling a motorcycle and risk mitigation techniques.

The Check Ride for returning riders is subsidised by the Motor Accident Insurance Board (MAIB) and will only cost you $90.00 as MAIB subsidises the remaining $150.00.

What is a Check Ride?

The Check Ride is designed to reinforce safe riding skills and behaviours to improve their skills and to maximise their protection from road crashes.

A Check Ride is a half-day coaching course that includes:

  • an off-road review of your braking, steering and low speed manoeuvring skills; and
  • an on-road coaching ride on a pre-determined route.

Click here for information on Check Ride (PDF 80KB)

On-road coaching

The road ride is conducted on a pre-determined route designed to encounter a wide range of riding environments including:

  • multi-lane highways;
  • narrow country roads;
  • shopping centres; and
  • hills and bends.

The length of time for the ride is determined by traffic and weather conditions.

You'll be riding with a group (up to five participants) and your instructor will provide feedback on your ride and discuss practical ways to reduce the risk of crashing.

You'll be taking turns on leading the ride with the instructor observing your riding skills.

External service providers

Please contact AJL Training on 62 280 600 to book this course.