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Character Requirements

Meeting the Character Requirements  

To be issued with a Public Passenger Vehicle Ancillary Certificate you must be of good character.

When assessing a person’s offences the Registrar of Motor Vehicles (RMV) considers numerous factors including Road Safety, Honesty/Integrity and Social Behaviour.  See Ancillary Certificate Decision making Guidelines

As part of your application you will need to supply a National Police Certificate from Tasmanian Police. * 

National Police Certificate from Tasmania Police

  • Available from Tasmania Police
  • The certificate must be issued no more than 6 months prior to the date you lodge your completed application, and must be the original document – it may take 6 weeks to receive the National Police Certificate.

NOTE:  Ride Source operators are required to present a National Police Check when applying to a Platform Provider.  We accept this report as part of their Ancillary Application.

We will not accept

  • National Police Certificate, Good Character or Personal References previously obtained by or for other institutions, persons, agencies (Government or otherwise), or
  • National Police Checks or Certificates obtained from an internet based facility or website will not be accepted.

* Except for Ride Source applicants – We accept the criminal check undertaken by the Platform Provider.

You should also provide other documents to support you suitability to obtain an Ancillary Certificate (e.g. character references) if you have:

  • been convicted, have committed or charged with a criminal offence, or a serious traffic offence
  • been refused a Taxi or Public Vehicle Licence, or
  • had a Taxi or Public Vehicle Licence cancelled

NOTE:  The RMV may require you to supply additional evidence to support your suitability to hold an Ancillary certificate.