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Ride Source โ€“ Vehicles

A ride source vehicle is any light vehicle registered in Tasmania that has been nominated by the holder of an Ancillary Certificate (Certificate must be endorsed to allow ride-sourcing) to undertake
ride- sourcing activities in Tasmania.

The vehicle must have passed a vehicle inspection and will be required to undertake annual inspections in line with the Registrar of Motor Vehicles Inspection Regime..  (Contact your Platform Provider for inspection locations.)

The vehicle must display a vehicle inspection roadworthy label on the top left hand (passenger) corner of the front windscreen to assist with compliance and enforcement activities.

Ride Source Vehicles inspected prior to October 2017 will not have this label in place, however they will have a label affixed at their next annual inspection.

All ride source vehicles will have an inspection label affixed to the vehicle by September 2018.

The vehicle's registration number appears on the “X condition” attachment that the Ancillary Certificate holder must be carrying  when undertaking Ride Sourcing activities.

If you are interested in operating a ride source vehicle you can contact a Platform Provider.

Are there any vehicle requirements?

Yes, the vehicle must:

  • Be a light vehicle (less than 4.5 tonne)
  • Have Tasmanian Registration (MAIB type 23)
  • Be roadworthy (Must have passed an inspection within 30 days of an application for Ride-sourcing being lodged)
  • Must be registered in the name of the Ancillary Certificate holder (The vehicle cannot be in a company name)

In addition the platform provider may have vehicle requirements.

How do I Apply to have a ride-source vehicle?

Contact a platform provider in the first instance to ensure your vehicle meets their vehicle requirements.   The Platform Provider will advise you of inspection and vehicle requirements.

How do I change or add a ride-source vehicle to my Ancillary Certificate?

Any change to your vehicle needs to be progressed through your platform provider.

As part of the process you will be required to complete and sign the MR49 Ride Source – Vehicle Change (PDF, 158.49 KB) application form and email the completed and signed form to

A new ‘X’ condition attachment will be emailed to you which will display the new vehicle registration details.

If I hold an Ancillary Certificate can I operate any ride-source vehicle?

No!   You can only operate a Ride Source vehicle that is registered in your name and has been nominated for Ride Sourcing.  You must have the vehicle registration number recorded on the “X Condition” attachment that was issued to you when you nominated the vehicle for Ride Sourcing.

What is a platform provider?

A platform provider provides a computerised booking and payment system that meets the requirements of the Transport Commission exemption and provides for passenger ratings. (Current Platform Provider(s) meet these requirements.)

How do I transfer a vehicle I want to operate as a ride-source vehicle into my name?

You have the option of either transferring the vehicle into your name online or at Service Tasmania. You will be required to pay the transfer fee and duty.

If the current registered operator will still be the owner of the vehicle and is prepared to include you as a joint registered operator you can apply for a duty exemption.  The Department of Treasury will determine if you are eligible for the exemption.  (If you are granted an exemption you will be required to only pay the Transfer fee.)

This can be done:

  • When you apply to become a ride-source operator by completing MR47 Ride-source - Duty exemption application* (The signature of any current registered operator(s) and vehicle owner(s) must be provided on this form).

  • If you are already a ride-source operator completing MR49 Ride Source  - Vehicle Change application (PDF, 158.49 KB) and including the completed MR 47 Ride-source - Duty exemption form* as part of your application along with credit/debit card details for the vehicle transfer fee to be processed.

    *The Ride Source - Duty exemption application form is available directly from your platform provider.