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1Getting your L1s

To get your L1 learner licence, you must:

Once you’ve successfully complete the test, you’ll need to:

  • fill in a licence application form
  • pay a licence fee
  • have your photo taken.

Then you’ll receive your temporary L1 licence (your photo licence will come in the mail).

Your L1 licence will last for three years.

2Driving conditions for L1 drivers

As an L1 learner licence holder, you must:

  • Ensure your L plates can be seen from the front and back of your car,
  • Drive to the posted speed limit and not exceed 80km/h,
  • Have zero alcohol in your body,
  • Carry your licence on you,
  • Never tow another vehicle or trailer,
  • Obey all Tasmania road rules, and
  • Have a supervisory driver.

What happens next

  • Once you obtain an L1 learner licence you will need to hold the licence for a minimum of three continuous months.
  • You should start recording your supervised hours in a learner logbook. This will ensure that you are building up your supervised driving hours in your logbook and are prepared to sit the P1 Driving Assessment when the time comes.
  • It is strongly recommended that learner licence holders log at least 80 hours (including 15 night hours) in the combined L1 and L2 learner stage.
  • Once you have held your L1 licence for a period of three continuous months you can apply to the Department for an L2 licence. Applications can be made online and you will need to provide a brief statement on your practical driving experience as an L1 licence holder.
  • You will not have to complete an L2 Practical Driving Assessment to progress from an L1 licence to an L2 licence.

3Changes to the licensing process and requirements from December 2020

From 1  December 2020 there will be changes to the Graduated Licensing System for drivers to make the process of getting a full licence safer and cheaper. For information on these changes please refer to “I am a novice driver on my Ls or Ps, what do the changes mean for me?