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To get your novice car learner licence, you must:

Once you’ve successfully complete the test, you’ll need to:

  • fill in a licence application form
  • pay a licence fee
  • have your photo taken.

Then you’ll receive your temporary learner licence (your photo licence card will come in the mail).

Your novice car Learner licence will last for five years.

1Driving conditions for Learner drivers

As a learner licence holder, you must:

  • Ensure your L plates can be seen from the front and back of your car,
  • Drive to the posted speed limit and not exceed 90km/h,
  • Have zero alcohol in your body,
  • Carry your licence on you,
  • Never tow another vehicle or trailer,
  • Not use a mobile phone
  • Obey all Tasmanian road rules, and
  • Have a supervisory driver.

2Credit hours

To help get the compulsory logbook hours in the learner stage credit hours has been approved by The Registrar of Motor Vehicles has approved the use of record credit hours.

For information please see the credit hours page.

  • Once you obtain a novice car learner licence you will need to hold the licence for a minimum of twelve continuous months.
  • Start recording your supervised hours in the learner logbook. You must log at least 80 hours, including 15 at night. This will ensure that you are building up your supervised driving hours in your logbook and are prepared to sit the P1 Driving Assessment when the time comes.

If you hold an L1 licence as at 1 December 2020

The learner requirements and restrictions listed above will also apply to you if you hold an L1 licence. Any hours you have logged on your L1 licence are counted towards your total logbook requirement.

If you hold an L2 licence as at 1 December 2020

You will need to:

  • record 50 supervised logbook hours
  • hold the licence for nine continuous months before eligible for your P1 assessment (these requirements have not changed for you);

The restrictions on:

will also apply to you.

L2 licence holders can get a one hour lesson with a certified driving instructor and gain two hours towards their learner logbook (capped at 10 lessons) for lessons recorded after 1 December 2020.

L2 licence holders cannot receive credit hours for RYDA participation. For more information please see the credit hours page.