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When is a licence required

In most situations a driver licence is required if a motor vehicle is being used on public streets. The class of licence required depends on the type of vehicle being driven.

Licence classes

There are 8 classes of motor vehicle licence which relate to differing sizes and carrying capacities of vehicles, special skills and experience required to handle the different types of vehicles.

Licence conditions

A driver licence can be issued subject to one or more conditions. Some examples of conditions are only drive automatic cars, visual aids required or drive within a specific area or at a specific time.

Carry it on you

Information on the compulsory carriage of your driver's licence in Tasmania.

Automatic licence

If you undertake a practical driving test in an automatic vehicle you are issued with a licence restricting you to driving only automatic vehicles for that particular class. 

Driver Licensing Case Management

Driver Licensing uses a case management approach when making decisions about a person’s suitability to drive.  

These can include decisions about a person’s medical fitness to drive, whether they are a fit and proper person to hold a driver license or a Public Passenger Vehicle Ancillary Certificate or when they are returning to driving after a period of disqualification or suspension.

Older Drivers

Information for driver aged 65 years and older.

Assessing Fitness to Drive

Driving is a complex task that involves the coordination of a number of physical and mental skills. Any impairment to your physical and mental capabilities due to a medical condition may affect your ability to drive and increase your risk of crash.

Information for Health Professionals

Assistance Services

Information on Interpreter Services and were to find assistance if you are deaf or hearing-impaired.

Service Tasmania shop and Designated Police Stations

Driver Licence History (Licence Detail Letter)
Information on how to obtain a licence history, also referred to as a Licence detail letter.

Service Tasmania provides you with one stop access to government transactions, services and information. Some Designated Police locations conduct limited business for Registration and Licensing Services.

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