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Licence Conditions

A driver licence can be issued subject to one or more conditions. Examples of conditions are:

  • only drive automatic cars
  • visual aids required
  • drive within a specific area or at a specific time.

A condition(s) is shown on the back of the licence by a condition code. If the condition code is an "X", the holder is given a notice which they must have with them when driving. The notice sets out the condition(s).

The following table shows the condition codes and what they mean.

AAutomatic Vehicle Only
A(1)Automatic Cycle Only
A(2)Automatic Heavy Vehicles Only
BRestricted To Heavy Vehicles With Synchromesh
ELearner Approved Motorcycle Only
IDrive Vehicle With Breath Alcohol Interlock Device
SVisual Aids Required
VMechanical / Special Aids Required
ZNo Alcohol In Body
X12Ride Motorcycle/ Drive Motor Vehicle Daylight Hours
X17Restricted To Certain Locations
X24Seat Belt Exemption
X26Restricted To Certain Vehicles
X28Restricted To Certain Days / Hours

When driving anywhere in Australia, the conditions must be obeyed. If they are not obeyed the holder is committing an offence and their driver licence may be suspended or cancelled.