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Older Drivers

Welcome to the Tasmanian older drivers web page.

This page provides specific information for older drivers on licence renewal and how to continue to drive safely.

We recognise that maintaining a driver licence is of incredible importance to people as they age. Driving can be the key link for an older person to engage in the community, participate in social events and retain physical and mental ability.

Drivers aged 65 and over

After you turn 65, you will still need to renew your driver licence when it is out of date, however, it will be valid for a five year period only. No renewal fee applies and you only need to pay a small fee for the photo-card.

To renew your driver licence, please see Renewing your licence.

Drivers aged 75 and over

Drivers aged 75 years and over in Tasmania no longer need to undertake an annual medical assessment to keep their licence.

Research shows that older drivers are significantly under-represented in crash statistics and are particularly sensible decision makers regarding their driving capabilities. However, physical changes associated with ageing (such as vision, memory and reaction speed) can increase the risk of crash for older drivers.

For more information on ceasing compulsory medicals  - frequently asked questions (Adobe PDF) (MS Word).

It is essential that all older drivers appropriately self-assess their driving ability and make sensible decisions as to when and where they should drive. The Tasmanian Older Drivers Handbook is a valuable source of information for older drivers and their families, with information including:

  • How to self-assess driving ability
  • Tips on proper car maintenance
  • A refresher on basic road rules
  • Information on common medical conditions which affect driving
  • What to do if you want to stop driving

The information in this Handbook will help you to understand changes that may be occurring and the impact these may have on your driving. The Handbook is also available for purchase in hard copy at Service Tasmania.

For more information regarding the review of the Tasmanian Older Driver Licensing System see the following publications:

The Review of the Older Driver Licensing System in Tasmania (PDF 184KB)

The Alternative Older Driver Licensing System for Tasmania, Final Report (PDF 341KB)