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Demerit Points

Demerit points are penalties that can be issued on a Traffic Infringement Notice (TIN) for a range of driving offences.

Demerit point limits and how long those points stay active against your driving record are detailed in the table below. Once the points are not active they will stay on your driving record but unless there is a backdated offence will not be used to calculate a suspension period.

How many demerit points am I allowed to accumulate?

You will be liable for a demerit point suspension or period of ineligibility if you accumulate the following number of points:-

Number of demerit points accumulated

Licence type

Number of demerit points

Suspension/ineligibility period you will be required to serve


How long demerit points are active for (Used when calculating suspension or ineligibility from offence date)

Full licence

12 to 15


3 years

16 to 19


20 plus


Provisional licence

4 to 15


12 months

16 to 19


20 plus


Learner licence

4 to 15


12 months

16 to 19


20 plus


Unlicensed driver

4 to 15


12 months

16 to 19


20 plus


Accumulation of demerit points is calculated within any 3 year or 12 month period from the offence date regardless of the date of conviction.

This means that even if the oldest offence date is more than 3 years old, if 12 or more demerit points are accumulated within a 3 year period from the first offence date, you will still be liable for a Demerit Point Suspension or Ineligibility period.

For a novice driver a 12 month period is calculated from offence date to offence date, regardless of the licensing stage. For example: 2 demerit points on L2 and 2 points on P1 if the offence dates are within 12 months will result in a demerit point suspension.

A learner driver can only be issued with a TIN for:

  • Speeding and parking offences;
  • Failure to display L-plates; and
  • Driving without an appropriate supervisory driver

Demerit points cannot be awarded to learner drivers for any other offence without a court conviction.

I hold a full car licence and a novice motorcycle licence, how many demerit points am I allowed to accumulate?

Demerit points are based on the highest licence class held.  In this case as you hold a full licence you cannot accumulate more than 11 demerit points within a 3 year period based on offence dates.

When are demerit points recorded against me?

Demerit points will be recorded against you when you:

  • Pay the traffic infringement notice;
  • Enter into an arrangement with Monetary Penalties Enforcement Service (MPES) to pay the fine
  • Elect to go to court and are found guilty; or
  • Do nothing within 28 days of the date of the infringement notice.

How many demerit points have I accumulated?

You may check how many demerit points you have accumulated by contacting Service Tasmania on 1300 13 55 13 or if interstate or overseas 03 6169 9017.

This only includes offences that the Registrar of Motor Vehicles has been notified of, it does not include offences that you have not yet paid or waiting for a court hearing, etc.

What happens when I have reached my threshold of demerit points?

When you have exceeded your maximum number of demerit points, you will be sent a Notice of Demerit Point Suspension/Ineligibility.

The suspension/ineligibility period will start on the date specified in the Notice or when you surrender your licence (if you have one) after receiving the Notice, whichever is sooner.

If you are eligible for and wish to elect a Period of Good Behaviour do not surrender your licence.

At the end of your suspension/ineligibility period, or Period of Good Behaviour, the demerit points that were on the Notice are no longer active.

Can I delay the effective date of a demerit point offence?

No! The demerit points are added to your driver record based on the date you committed the offence.

This means if you elected a court hearing due to a driving offence and are found to be guilty you may have to serve a period of suspension because you exceeded the demerit points allowed based on the offence date.

The date of payment of the offence or court hearing is of no relevance. The offence date is the only date of any importance when demerit points are being calculated. If on a certain date you exceed the amount of demerit points allowed you will have to serve a suspension period or if a full licence holder you may be able to apply for a period of good behaviour.

What happens to my provisional licence after a demerit point suspension?

If your P1 licence is suspended for demerit points your P1 provisional period will start again.

If your P2 licence is suspended for demerit points your P2 provisional period will be extended by the period of the licence suspension.

What is a Period of Good Behaviour (POGB)?

A POGB allows an eligible person to continue driving as an alternative to a suspension period. It is for 12 months. This means that for 12 months from the date that the suspension would have started you cannot accumulate more than one (1) demerit point. If you do accumulate more than one (1) demerit point your licence will be suspended for twice the original period.

A POGB starts on the date the suspension would have started.

Am I eligible for a Period of Good Behaviour (POGB)?

Only a full licence holder is eligible to apply for a POGB. The Notice of Demerit Point Suspension will contain a POGB application form if you are eligible. You must apply for a POGB within 21 days of receiving your suspension notice.

If you get 4 or more demerit points within 12 months during your provisional period and have progressed to your full licence you will be still liable for a demerit point suspension. In this case you will have the option for a POGB licence.

Novice licence holders and unlicensed drivers are not eligible for a POGB.

I have elected a Period of Good Behaviour (POGB) but I have just received an infringement for an offence, will that affect my POGB?

Any offences committed before the POGB starts that were not included in the Notice of Demerit Point Suspension will not affect the POGB. The offence(s) will remain on your record and be counted towards any further suspension.

I have had a demerit point offence withdrawn by Police or court but it's still on my record. Why?

An offence cannot be withdrawn unless the Registrar of Motor Vehicles has been advised in writing by Tasmania Police or the Magistrates Court of Tasmania.

I have committed a demerit point offence interstate- what will happen?

If a Tasmanian driver licence holder commits a demerit point offence interstate, the details may be sent to Tasmania to be recorded on their Tasmanian driver licence record.

I hold an interstate licence and have committed a demerit point offence in Tasmania? What will happen?

The relevant State/Territory licensing authority may be notified of the offence by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

Can I dispute or appeal a demerit point offence?

To dispute a demerit point offence you will need to contact Traffic Liaison Services at Tasmania Police on telephone 6173 2484 or email

A court appeal may be undertaken in relation to demerit point offences.

Where can I find out more about traffic offences?

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