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Getting a Licence Back (Demerit Points)

Different methods apply for getting your suspended licence back depending:

  • on the status of your licence at the time of suspension; and
  • whether your licence was subject to demerit point sanctions prior to 14 August 2000.

Automatic Return

Your licence will come back through the mail if your accumulation of demerit points occurred after 14 August 2000 and your licence is:

  • suspended
  • not provisional
  • not subject to conditions.

Sometimes a customer will not meet the criteria for automatic return. If this is the case, the licence cannot be returned unless the Registration and Licensing Branch has issued an approval letter. If the customer needs to sit a written and driving test, this will be stated in the letter sent from the Registration and Licensing Branch.

Learner drivers

A learner driver who is suspended as a result of accumulation of demerit points will have the licence returned to them provided it is still current at the completion of the suspension period. However, if their learner licence has expired during the period of suspension, they will need to apply for a new learner licence.

Provisional licence and licences with conditions

Customers receive a letter through the mail advising:

  • the steps to be taken to obtain a new licence
  • to attend a Service Tasmania shop for a print out of the licence displaying amended information.

If the suspension occurred during the first 12 months of the provisional licence the provisional period has to be restarted. If the suspension occurred after the first 12 months the provisional period for the licence will be extended by the length of suspension.

Conditions existing at the time of suspension which are still unexpired, will continue. Any period of licence condition remaining on the licence at the time of suspension will be applied against the licence from the date you get your licence back.

Disqualification prior to 14 August 2000

Changes to licensing legislation were implemented on 14 August 2000. Specific requirements apply to customers who had their licence suspended prior to this date. Customers with 6 or more offences within the last 10 years and have no restricted driver licence during last period of suspension, must:

  • pass a full knowledge test
  • be issued with a learner licence
  • pass a practical driving test.

Customers disqualified or expired for 5 or more years:

  • must pass a knowledge, be issued with a learners licence and pass a practical driving test
  • will only be issued a provisional licence if they have not previously completed a provisional period.

You will need to provide

If the customer is not eligible for automatic return of their licence after suspension, they need to undertake the following in person at Service Tasmania shops or designated police stations:

You will receive

  • receipted temporary licence
  • photo licence through the mail
  • Attachment X (licence conditions) if applicable.


You will need to pay the fee.