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Period of Good Behaviour

If you hold a full driver licence, instead of having your licence suspended for accumulation of demerit points, you can apply for a 12 month Period of Good Behaviour (POGB).

A POGB starts from the date a suspension was due to start. This date is displayed on the Notice of Demerit Point Suspension sent to a driver who has accumulated too many demerit points. You cannot start your POGB prior to the start date of the suspension.

A POGB means that:-

  • you continue driving on your existing licence
  • for 12 months from the date the suspension would have started you cannot get any more than 1 (one) demerit
  • if you do get more than 1 (one) demerit point your driver licence will be suspended for twice the original period
  • you may renew your licence during the 12 month period if it expires

Your Notice of Demerit Point Suspension will include a POGB application form if you are eligible to apply. The application form contains information on how to apply.

If you wish to apply for a POGB the application form must be received before the suspension period starts.

A POGB may be approved after the suspension period starts. Please note, if an application is approved after the suspension has started it will not be backdated. The start date of the POGB will be the date the application is approved.  This means your licence will be recorded as suspended from the suspension start date until the POGB is approved.

You will receive advice in writing if your application for a POGB is approved or refused.

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