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Returning your Licence

I have to hand my licence in, what do I do?

It depends on why you are handing your licence in.  There are different situations when a licence needs to be returned or surrendered.

Returning relates to the legal requirements to hand in a licence and being unable to drive due to a conviction.

You are convicted when you:-

  • Pay the traffic infringement notice;
  • Enter into an arrangement with Monetary Penalties Enforcement Service (MPES) to pay the fine by instalments
  • Elect to go to court and are found guilty; or
  • Do nothing within 28 days of the date of the infringement notice.

Surrendering relates to any voluntary handing in of a licence and being unable to drive.

Demerit Point Suspension

You must return your licence to a Service Tasmania shop within 21 days from the date you receive the Notice of Demerit Point Suspension.

The suspension will start on the date in the Notice or when you return your licence, whichever is earlier.  You must be served with the Notice of Demerit Point Suspension before you can hand your licence in.

Do not return your licence if you are eligible and intend to apply for a Period of Good Behaviour.

More information is located at Demerit Points.

Breathalyser Infringement, Excessive Speeding Infringement or Unaccompanied learner Infringement

Once you have been convicted of the offence you will be sent a Notice of Disqualification from the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.  The Notice will include the start and end date of the disqualification.  The start date will usually be 28 days after conviction.

Your licence must be returned to a Service Tasmania shop within 21 days of the disqualification starting.

Note: The disqualification does not start from the offence date or conviction date.  You cannot start the disqualification period earlier by returning your driver licence before the start date in the Notice.

Disqualification due to court order

The licence is normally returned at the court after the disqualification has been ordered. If not, you must return your licence to a Service Tasmania shop within 21 days from date of the court order, or at a later date if advised by the court.

Medical conditions

Before issuing a driver licence or at any other time, the Registrar must be satisfied that you are medically fit to drive and capable of driving safely.  If the Registrar is not satisfied your driver licence may be suspended or cancelled.

You must return your licence within 21 days from date of service of the Notice of Suspension of Cancellation.

Voluntary surrender (only Tasmanian driver licences)

You or someone on your behalf may surrender a licence for a variety of reasons including:

  • moving overseas
  • no longer wish to drive
  • incapacity to drive
  • death.

The Registrar is notified of a person's death in one of two ways:

  • by notification from the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages on a copy of the death certificate;
  • by notification from the executor of the estate or a relative.


The Registrar has the discretion to cancel a licence. You must return your licence within 21 days from date of service of the Notice of Cancellation.


A refund of the licence fee is only available when a licence is surrendered in the following circumstances:

  • medical reasons
  • voluntary surrender
  • death