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Tasmanian Road Rules

Tasmanian Road Rules Handbook

The Tasmanian Road Rules are an invaluable safety measure that, when followed, save lives.

The Tasmanian Road Rules Handbook sets out the most common Tasmanian Road Rules in a series of diagrams and explanatory text.

Download a copy today:  Handbook (11.8MB PDF)

You can also collect a copy of the Handbook for free from Service Tasmania stores.

A full version of the Road Rules 2019 can be downloaded at

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More information on the road rules and road safety can be found at

Driver knowledge test

To help prepare for the driver knowledge test, you can do a driver knowledge practice test online, or take a look at the Example Driver Knowledge Questions.

Other information

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The L1 and L2 logbook, Supervisory Driver's Handbook and A Guide to your Driving Assessments are included in your Novice Driver's Training Kit.

You can buy the Kit at Service Tasmania Shops.