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Out of State – driver licence renewal or replacement

If you have a valid Tasmanian licence (not suspended, disqualified or expired for more than five years) and you are temporarily out of the State or country you may be eligible to apply to renew or have a replacement Tasmanian licence issued.  You will only be able to renew your driver licence once by the out of state process.

Can I renew my Tasmanian licence when overseas or interstate?

Yes, however as long as you have  not renewed using the Out of State option on the last renewal. You cannot renew a Learner licence, but can obtain a duplicate.

Can I renew my licence before I leave the state?

You can only renew your licence up to a maximum of 5 years. It is advisable that you renew your licence one month prior to travelling to ensure you receive your licence in the mail before you leave the State.

How do I get a duplicate (replacement) licence if I have lost my Tasmanian licence whilst interstate or overseas?

Apply for an Out of State replacement following the instructions below. If you are in the State and need a replacement licence see replacement licence.

What if I am moving to another State or overseas to live permanently?

You can not apply for an Out of State drivers licence.You will need to contact the appropriate Licensing Authority in your new place of residence for details on transferring your Tasmanian licence.

What happens if I am due to provide a medical?

Before your Out of State application is processed, the Registrar of Motor Vehicles may contact you about your next medical.

Evidence of Identity Requirements

The Out of State Application must be accompanied by a current passport photograph (this will be used to verify against the photo on record and may not appear on your driver licence), a copy of your current driver licence and if you have lost your driver licence a copy of your passport or another photo identification document.

What do I need to supply?

How long will my licence be issued for using the Out of State application?

Up to one year if you are interstate or two years if you are overseas.

How long will it take for the licence to be produced and delivered?

The new licence will be produced and mailed to you within 21 days from the date the application is received. NOTE: it may take longer if you are overseas.

How do I apply for an out of state licence?

Complete the Out of State driver licence renewal or replacement application (if renewing the licence complete Section 2 of the form also) and forward all documentation and fees to:

Post: Out of State Driver Licence
GPO Box 1002, Hobart TAS 7001; or

Email: please ensure that the photo is in a jpg format.