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Book your L2 driving assessment


If undertaking assessment with a Government Driving Assessor        

Online at


At a Service Tasmania Service Centre, (check opening hours)
Assessment Centres are located throughout the state.        

If undertaking assessment with an Authorised Driving Instructor.        

You will need to pay the Instructor directly. Payments will not be accepted at Service Tasmania.        


See Licence Fees page
Minimum Age 16 years and 3 months
Bring 1. Your current L1 learner licence
2. A registered, suitable car
If you fail

You will receive feedback from the assessor on what will best prepare you for your next assessment. You are able to rebook at any time with payment of another assessment fee.        

Am I able to move my assessment

If your assessment is with a Government Driving Assessor, you are able to do this online up to two days prior to the assessment or by approaching Service Tasmania.

Note: If you made a booking for an appointment prior to 22nd September 2016 to move the assessment you must visit Service Tasmania or call the call centre on 1300 135 513

In the event that you will not be undertaking an assessment you should approach Service Tasmania to apply for a refund. Cancellation of assessments within two days without a medical certificate or compelling reason that must be substantiated will not be eligible for a refund.        

If your assessment is booked with an Authorised Driving Instructor you will need to discuss their booking policy directly with them.        


The best way to prepare is to get LOTS of supervised practice before you take the assessment (the more the better!)